These Broken Stars: Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

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Let me start by saying the colors on this cover got me. I gave it one look and knew I needed to at least try to read it. These Broken Stars is a Sci-Fi novel about a rich girl, Lilac (with surprising technological knowledge), and a poor, war-hero boy, Tarver. They are traveling on a spaceship holding 50,000 people (holy!) until it crashes and they are the only ones to survive and land on a new planet.

Considering I read this book on the same day I finished The Court of Fives, I liked it a lot more.

The whole set up of these two people being the only ones to survive is the type of coincidence I do not like to read in books. I like my plot lines to be a little more probable than 0.01%. Besides that the rest of the book took me through some very boring times and then it got good.

The exposition of this book was fine and I was really excited to see where the book would take me… until they had landed on the new planet and I was forced to read 100 pages of complaining and insulting from both character’s perspectives (they switch every chapter). This was boring and most of all annoying. I didn’t feel like it gave them any character development and I felt the authors were focusing on the wrong part of the scenario. They are on a new planet!!!! I want to hear about the planet and the life forms and the survival, not just the constant bickering.

ANYWAYS, once Tarver and Lilac got over themselves this book got a lot better. The space part of the book was sadly short lived, but once they are on the planet there is Sci-Fi in unexplained occurrences and strange life forces. This book finally grabbed me and I found myself worrying about the characters and about their situation and was scared to read the ending (which is awesome by the way). Overall, I loved it. It was a soft read with good emotions and an interesting concept.

Do I think this book should be a series? NO

Do I think this book is worth the read even with 100 pages of flatness? YES


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