Court of Fives: Kate Elliot

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Court of Fives follows the story of a girl named Jessamy, who is a “mule”. Basically her father is (somewhat) high born and her mother is of the peasant class. The Court of Fives is a competition consisting of a series of obstacles named Rivers, Pillars, Trees, Traps, and at the center, Rings. Jessamy wants to run the Fives while keeping her family together and developing a connection with royalty who goes by the name of Kalliarkos.

Overall this book is widely mediocre.

The first thing that set me off about this book is that one of the reviews they chose to highlight on the back cover begins with, “Jes will remind readers of fearless Katniss…”

Who wants to be reminded of Katniss? This should be an original book with an original character.

What I found when I actually read the book is that it was not all that bad, but it didn’t do anything for me either. I felt as though the characters never developed enough. They seemed rather flat and the audience is never given reasons as to why they act the way they do. Boring! UGH this gets me so frustrated because the author really could have added more character and kick to Jessamy instead I felt she was largely neutral.

The saving grace of this book is the Fives. The concept of this obstacle based competition is incredibly interesting and I wish the authors would have gone even more in depth on the practices and competitions of the Fives. (Okay, the next books might do this but honestly couldn’t have we seen this in the first too?!)

I can hardly keep my thoughts straight because this book didn’t do anything for me and didn’t make me feel any sorts of emotions or excitement…

Here’s to hoping the next book turns out better.


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