Dear non-reader, here is what you are missing.

(Tuesday Talks, a Goodreads group topic)

Let me start off by saying I completely understand why some people don’t read. A lot of people see books as something that bore them half to death, and that is a-okay with me! However, I still think there are a lot of things these non-readers are missing out on. So, I am going to talk about my favorite parts of reading that everyone needs a little bit of in their lives!

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Crimson Bound: Rosamund Hodge

I have been reading, or more accurately not reading, this book for the past week. I have only made it through 170 pages. 170! I just cannot find the motivation to read this book anymore, and it is killing me. This is officially a DNF (did not finish) until I find the enthusiasm hidden deep within me to finish the other 2/3s of the book.

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Half Bad: Sally Green

“I had sort of guessed that Celia had an issue with me, or rather with me being the son of you-know-who.”

You-Know-Who? Is it just me or did this book suddenly turn into Harry Potter? Main character is half white witch half black witch, Harry shares a connection with Lord Voldemort……Anyone else?

ANYWAYS here is how I felt about the rest of the book…

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Alphabet Book Tag!

I was scrolling through Youtube when I saw a video on this and thought…. well, this is something I have to do! And then it hit me, have I even read a book starting with Z or X?!?!

Well here we go! A list of books I have read for (almost) every letter of the alphabet… I am missing 4 letters of the alphabet, oh the shame.

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What is the Longest Series You Have Read?

What is the longest series you have ever read is the May 24th topic for Tuesday Talks, which is a group in goodreads (everyone should go join). I’ve been looking at these discussions for a while, but now finally I decided I might as well write about one! Admittedly, sometimes I dislike series and wish books would stick to the singular side of things, but sometimes they are way worth it!

The longest series I have ever read would have to be Sweet Valley High. Anyone else?

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These Broken Stars: Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Image result for These Broken Stars

Let me start by saying the colors on this cover got me. I gave it one look and knew I needed to at least try to read it. These Broken Stars is a Sci-Fi novel about a rich girl, Lilac (with surprising technological knowledge), and a poor, war-hero boy, Tarver. They are traveling on a spaceship holding 50,000 people (holy!) until it crashes and they are the only ones to survive and land on a new planet.

Considering I read this book on the same day I finished The Court of Fives, I liked it a lot more.

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Court of Fives: Kate Elliot

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Court of Fives follows the story of a girl named Jessamy, who is a “mule”. Basically her father is (somewhat) high born and her mother is of the peasant class. The Court of Fives is a competition consisting of a series of obstacles named Rivers, Pillars, Trees, Traps, and at the center, Rings. Jessamy wants to run the Fives while keeping her family together and developing a connection with royalty who goes by the name of Kalliarkos.

Overall this book is widely mediocre.

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