Comfort In Books

Yesterday my feelings and confidence were hurt really bad by someone I care a lot about.

Their intention was never to make me feel bad but sometimes immaturity hides proper ways to correspond with others. Then again, I am also a teenager so everything in my life can seem rather dumb.

Anyways, on this Thanksgiving I am thankful for having this blog (even if I haven’t posted in months) and I am thankful for books and the loving community they provide.

I am so close to reaching my 2016 reading goal of 52 books! I am currently at 51!

I have been reading a lot of contemporary lately. Something about the quick love and (usually) happy endings just puts a smile on my face.

I hope all the Americans have a great Thanksgiving and that everyone else has a great day in general.

When times get tough, grab a book.


One thought on “Comfort In Books

  1. Diana says:

    I am sorry about the hurt that you went through. Sometimes people hurt us without even knowing that they have and I know just how deep words cut but I hope that you are feeling better now.It shall be well. I also get comfort in books and I am glad that you had one to get you through.

    All the best hitting your reading target 🙂

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