Pokemon Go Book Tag!

I saw this tag on SophieReads and she said anyone is open to do it…. and I am not about to let this opportunity fall! I have been obsessed with Pokemon Go. My town has grown a strong sense of community because of this app. It is just absolutely crazy, so let’s get to the actual tag!


Okay so I am going way back to the first series I ever remember reading! I read A to Z Mysteries in elementary school. Maybe when I was 7? I have no clue but I do remember reading all of these books.



I admiteddly do not read as many classics as I would like to, but The Great Gatsby has never been a problem for me. The entire flow of the book works with the way I like to read, it just fits me well.







Me Before You. At first I didn’t read this book because I did not have access to a copy. Now, I actually own the book and still do not read it because everyone everywhere is posting about it. I wish that didn’t turn me away from the book but for some reason it does!





I am going to answer the same as sophiereads on this one. The Selection series is not very unique. It is the same fast paced romance YA novel. A very, very easy read and yet I love the series to death.







Vampire Academy! Most series that are over 4 books I tend to stay away from. I actually read the first book, but I have not read any of the others because of how many sequels there are…..






If I am being honest, a lot of my favorite books have been ones that I stayed up to finish. The first book that I thought of was Go Ask Alice. I couldn’t sleep because I felt I had to keep reading. As I read I cried over and over again and had a terrible time trying to fall asleep when I was done. (beautiful book)






Believe it or not, but I do not really keep OTPs. I really appreciate it when I think a couple is beautiful in a book, and I hate it when they don’t work out. However, once I am done reading the book I never refer to the characters as an OTP of mine….


As I just finished With Malice by Eileen Cook I would definitely say it is a fast-paced read. It is written in a way that I feel is better read when you don’t take your time.


Fairest from The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite additions to a series I have ever read. Any book Marissa Meyer is willing to put out there I am ready to read!







Bloody Jack series! When I read the first book 5 or more years ago I never expected to read the whole series and then continue to wait for the next summer when a new book would be added. L.A. Meyer was my world.








Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. These books are not as hyped as others, but they sure are popular and I sure am ready to read them.







If I could get my hands on one book in the world it would be one of the first editions of The Princess Bride. Does this count as a collector’s edition? I will just answer this question as crazy valuable book you wished you owned.






An Ember in The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I still have not read this book. I was completely surprised when I found out it was up for the debut Goodreads author of 2015. I will try to read this book before 2016 is over!







I don’t have one! I would say maybe John Green as I have read and enjoyed all or almost all of his novels, but for the most part I always need to like the context of the book and not just the author.


Crooked Kingdom. No question I knew as soon as I saw this what my answer was. I loved Six of Crows so much that I actually went back and read Leigh Bardugo’s other trilogy (shadow and bone). I cannot wait until I am finally able to read this book!






I am also leaving this tag completely open because I have no clue who plays PokemonGo…. honestly this was so much fun. I have a cold and have kind of been down in the dumps today but seeing this on my feed picked me right back up!


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