Teaser Tuesday: With Malice

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Books and a Beat and all you have to do is open your current book to a random page and choose a sentence or two to share! I have been reading With Malice by Eileen Cook for over a week now (book slump). I have so many conflicting feelings with the story line, but the writing itself is phenomenal.

“As she clicked through, a photo of a tiny red car crunched almost beyond belief flashed on the screen. My stomach lurched. Was that the car? Why was a car crash in Italy a big news story? I figured when I flew home, our local TV station would do something, but I never imagined it would be all over the internet.” — page 61

I need to push through the rest of this book! The reason I have a hard time appreciating the story line is because it follows the Amanda Knox trial but gives no reference of inspiration or a disclaimer or anything. Maybe I do not read enough mystery novels, so that is why this ticks me off, I don’t know.

I still think this book is great, happy Tuesday!


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