Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock: Matthew Quick

Yes, reading Every Exquisite Thing did get me hooked and compelled me to read two more Matthew Quick novels!

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock is another one of Quick’s young adult novels. It is about Leonard Peacock, a teenage boy, and his plan to kill himself but first deliver four gifts and kill his ex-best friend.

Overall this book is incredibly good! It took me a while to get into it (40 pages or so) but I really did love it in the end!

The reason I was iffy about the book in the beginning is that it drowned me in footnotes. Don’t get me wrong, I love to know background knowledge… just not in footnote format. For some reason stopping in the middle of a paragraph to read the corresponding footnote messes me up. I also do not like to wait until the end of a page to read the footnotes. Luckily for me, the footnotes faded out in the latter of the book until they no longer existed!

One of the things I loved was that in between some chapters there were letters from the future people in Leonard’s life. These are letters that he wrote to himself as a class assignment, and they were beautifully witty and bright! (Also, the teacher who told him to write these letters is the best teacher in the world!!!!)

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock is extremely similar to Every Exquisite Thing in the way that it highlights how if you are unhappy now it is not a big deal. The town you live in presently is just a small blip in your life, and there are countless people you have yet to meet! Books that highlight teenage depression and finding the courage to move on are some of my favorites to read. So, it is no real shocker that I enjoyed this book! I just feel that Matthew Quick has a great writing ability to make his characters relatable and his stories real.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. Although I read a lot of books of the same topics, I find that they do not get repetitive and each one awakens a different part of my brain.

Of course I want everyone to read this book! Typical me!

Have a great Monday 🙂


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