When I give up on books…

This weeks Tuesday Talks topic is about when to give up on a book!

Personally, I start and stop reading books all the time. Sometimes I even check out a book from my library-never open it- and then return it back to the library without another thought. (okay… I definitely feel bad when I do this… every book deserves a chance!)

Most of the time I will read the first chapter or two and after that I will know whether or not I want to finish the book! Occasionally I will read a majority of a book and never find the motivation to finish it, but that is rare! I used to be more picky on the books I read, so I would almost always finish a book once started. Recently I have been getting bored of the same writing patterns and topics of authors (part of this is my fault as I read the same genres!)

I know I did not write much on this, but what about all of you? Do you all try to complete a book once you have started?


6 thoughts on “When I give up on books…

  1. ChicNerdReads says:

    I have no problem DNFing a book if I’m not interested in it or maybe going back to it another time. I usually go back to a book if I only read the first few pages and noticed I wasn’t in the mood for it at the moment. I did that with Cinder once and when I picked it up again because I was in the mood for it, I loved it! But if I DNF then I will not give a book a second chance. Some books aren’t just meant for you.

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  2. kirstyandthecatread says:

    If I am not feeling a book I don’t hesitate to put it down, I know a lot of people who tell me off for this “It might get better” etc but I read because I enjoy it so if I’m not liking a book I don’t see the point in carrying on. When I stop reading always depends on why I’m putting it down though, if it’s because I really dislike it I’ll give it a couple of chapters if it’s because I know I’ll love it but I’m just not in the mood for it I’ll try and push through and see how I feel at the half way point.

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