Every Exquisite Thing: Book Cover!

Read my review here!

When I read this book I had checked it out from my local library. I absolutely loved the book and had to own it, so I ordered it on amazon as I do not have any large bookstores near me. I just got the book and oh my god! Since the copy I read was from the library I was unable to remove the sleeve.



This is the cover sleeve courtesy of my cat! I still adore this design as it is simple clean and quirky!







What makes the cover underneath so image2amazing is that Every Exquisite Thing includes intensive discussion on a made-up book called The Bubblegum Reaper. In my review I said how much I would love to read The Bubblegum Reaper… the cover under the sleeve is The Bubblegum Reaper?!?!?!?!?! WHAT?!?!!  It looks amazing. It has me laughing and smiling like a fool! Nigel Booker, author of the Bubblegum Reaper, is a major character in Every Exquisite thing and I just love how Matthew Quick made the cover look as though it is not Every Exquisite Thing! It looks as though you are truly reading The Bubblegum Reaper and that it was written by Nigel Booker!


This is by far one of the coolest cover ideas I have ever seen and I am loving it! I still recommend everyone to read this book! Discovering the cover underneath made my day!

Happy Fathers Day everyone! Remember to spend some time with your families today 🙂



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