This Is Not a Test: Courtney Summers

Courtney Summers is a beautiful author.

This Is Not a Test is set during a zombie apocalypse where a suicidal girl fights to survive along with a group of teenagers taking shelter in their school.

When I read Courtney Summers book, All The Rage, I loved it! That book is actually what made me decide to pick up this book! This Is Not a Test was just as great. It is not just some zombie thriller novel. What makes this novel good is that it has the action and strategy of apocalyptic scenarios but also incorporates important topics such as depression and abuse.

First of all, I love zombie scenarios. I watched The Walking Dead television series for a long time, I read the comics, and I read the books. So, This Is Not a Test already had me hooked. Something about the strategy of surviving and seeing how characters react really reels me in to zombie stories!

Second of all, books that include meaningful topics are also something I reach for. I like it when my books have a message or show someone going through a hard time both physically and mentally. This Is Not a Test perfectly included these topics into a zombie book, what?!?!

I won’t lie, this is not some crazy to die for book. However, the book is still beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Again, really short review, but it is a great book for a short read! I have and will continue to be super busy for this week and so I did not do any of my normal Tuesday and Wednesday posts, UGH! I hope everyone has a great Thursday!


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