Every Exquisite Thing: Matthew Quick

First of all, this book published May 31st and I found it in my library June 2nd. Are you kidding me? I also finished it in the matter of 3 hours or so in the same uncomfortable chair, and I LOVED it.

This book is quirky as it follows Nanette and her journey after reading a right of passage novel, “The Bubblegum Reaper.” (This book and the author are completely fictional and all for purpose of Every Exquisite Thing) Basically, I loved this book (so much to say that twice). It focused on finding oneself and also the disadvantages to investing yourself into fiction world and characters at the expense of yourself.

I am not going to say much in detail about this book as I know hardly anyone has read it and I do not want to spoil anything.

I have never read Matthew Quick before (but I have 2 of his other books waiting for me) and needless to say he is an amazing writer. This man makes sense out of all of the emotions I feel. It is beautiful, simplistic, perfect.

Every Exquisite thing does feature romance. However, unlike a lot of books where I get annoyed with the unrealistic nature, I think Quick embodied real High School romance. He didn’t try to prove that what the characters felt was the best thing that had ever happened.

Anywho, how well Quick embodies romance isn’t what made me appreciate this book. I actually grew my connection in the last 100 pages. The last 100 pages is very focused on Nanette and her personal struggles (this is what I meant by self-discovery). Some of the things that happened in this book remind me a lot of how I was when I was on lexapro and how I felt as though my soul was detached from my body. I just appreciate how Nanette’s feelings and situation didn’t seem over exaggerated, or as though I had to cry at her every experience.

This book is great in a way where you read it and you understand. You do not question why the author made this or that happen but instead it just makes sense. Nothing I say in this post will do this book justice with how I feel.

Simply stated, this book is a staple and everyone should try to get it in their hands!


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