Dear non-reader, here is what you are missing.

(Tuesday Talks, a Goodreads group topic)

Let me start off by saying I completely understand why some people don’t read. A lot of people see books as something that bore them half to death, and that is a-okay with me! However, I still think there are a lot of things these non-readers are missing out on. So, I am going to talk about my favorite parts of reading that everyone needs a little bit of in their lives!

One thing I especially love about reading is that it narrows down the universe to just me and a book. Simple, right? I love it. I love how when I read sometimes I do not even hear people around me because my brain is living in the all mighty book world. When I am in the book universe I don’t have to worry about anything else that is going on, which is many ways is helpful for my personal anxiety.

There are also clear reasons as to why many people prefer books over movies. There are the basics like how movies are simply unable to put all the details in, but mainly I find that as a reader you create your own movie. This is the huge thing that non-readers miss out on. Books are written by authors, I know I know, and the authors describe the characters and define them, but the reader. The reader is able to make that character a vivid image in their brain and dictate every little reaction that goes on in the book. A reader can also choose any quirks in appearance or the tone of voice. There is something about reading which makes the characters your own whereas movies you are given what the actors provide.

Non-readers are missing a part of themselves that they do not know exists. Books are basically extensions of my own limbs, I live and breathe in the experiences they provide me. Books even have the ability to change my outlook (most of the time to a more accepting, happy state)

Non-readers are stuck on planet Earth. They are missing every other world that exists.         The best thing that non-readers could do for themselves is to pick up a book =)


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