Crimson Bound: Rosamund Hodge

I have been reading, or more accurately not reading, this book for the past week. I have only made it through 170 pages. 170! I just cannot find the motivation to read this book anymore, and it is killing me. This is officially a DNF (did not finish) until I find the enthusiasm hidden deep within me to finish the other 2/3s of the book.

Most of the time if I choose not to finish a book it is after 1 chapter or so. I rarely ever read almost half of the book and then feel forced to put it down. I don’t know what went wrong here. I think I just never truly connected to the main character, Rachelle. I feel as though I am going through page after page of mindless babble that lacks real plot points.

When Rachelle was fifteen she was good—apprenticed to her aunt and in training to protect her village from dark magic. But she was also reckless— straying from the forest path in search of a way to free her world from the threat of eternal darkness. After an illicit meeting goes dreadfully wrong, Rachelle is forced to make a terrible choice that binds her to the very evil she had hoped to defeat.

Three years later, Rachelle has given her life to serving the realm, fighting deadly creatures in an effort to atone. When the king orders her to guard his son Armand—the man she hates most—Rachelle forces Armand to help her find the legendary sword that might save their world. As the two become unexpected allies, they uncover far-reaching conspiracies, hidden magic, and a love that may be their undoing. In a palace built on unbelievable wealth and dangerous secrets, can Rachelle discover the truth and stop the fall of endless night?” — Goodreads description

Armand, the man she hates most? Sorry but I do not see any of that. I see half-way emotions. Also, Rachelle’s purpose in this part of her life is to fine the sword to stop the growth of the Great Forest and yet I hardly feel anything for her struggle in this task. UGH I have read so many good reviews and I hate to give up, but I am.

Am I missing something great here?

I hope that Cruel Beauty is better than this book because I was looking forward to that series also….


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