All the Rage: Courtney Summers

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All the Rage is a book about Romy Grey, a senior in high school, and her life after being raped one year ago by a member of the town’s most popular and influential family. Nobody believed Romy when she tried to tell authorities what had happened.

This book is powerful.

One of the many topics this book sheds light on is modern day rape culture. Although I wouldn’t say the book goes in depth on how wrong this is, it is definitely shown. The main focal point of the book is Romy’s interactions at school with everyone who believes she cried rape for attention. I hate, hate, hate bullying in schools and Summers writes it so well. She has the great ability to really make the reader feel as Romy is.

This book went in so many directions that I never expected and put me on an emotional roller coaster but the entire story was worth it.

The one thing that I didn’t like in the book is how Romy uses red lipstick and nail polish as her armor. Normally I wouldn’t be opposed to this. However, it scares me as the book progresses that she defines herself by this “red”.

Overall an amazing book.


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