Fairest: Marissa Meyer

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The story line. Oh my goodness the story line. After reading The Lunar Chronicles I had my own ideas about Levana and Channary. I read all four books before reading Fairest. Although Winter revealed some surprising information about Levana I didn’t expect what came in this book. From the series I thought of Levana as a simply cruel ruler. I didn’t have any distinct thoughts of Channary, but the ones I did have were not negative because I do like Cinder.

Fairest gives all the background information in the world. Through this book we get to learn all about these minor characters including Levana (major character, I know), Channary, and Winter’s real dad and mom. There are also tidbits about Winter, Selene, and Jacin Clay as children!

For the first fourth of this book I felt overwhelming sympathy for Levana. I felt bad for what she endured from Channary and the royal court. Throughout the book her ruined mental state is shown. It is sad. Sad, sad, sad. Levana has been mentally scarred to the point of wanting acceptance and wanting love so much that even when she is doing wrong she convinces herself she is doing right. Wow.

What I loved most about this book is seeing how Levana got to be with Winter’s dad, Evret. I always wondered what kind of relationship they had as the books tell us that Levana always wears the wedding band under her glamor. Levana’s thoughts and feeling towards Evret and his reactions to her are written so well!

Also, this book reveals Levana’s feelings toward Selene (Cinder) as a child and what led her to the attempted murder.

Overall this book was just so jam packed with well written background information it is a must read for those who have read or are reading the Lunar Chronicles.

Fun fact: Channary and Winter’s favorite candies are both the sour apple petites




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