Throne of Glass: Sarah J Maas

Image result for Throne of GlassImage result for Throne of Glass

3.5 Stars

When I read the preview of this book I almost set it right back down.

Competing against 23 other Champions…. Hunger Games much???

Also the cover on the right is just not appealing to me. Celaena is supposed to be a feared assassin but she doesn’t look powerful at all. I was very happy when I saw the alternate cover (left).

Regardless I decided to read it because I like competition based books. What I got was something I completely wasn’t expecting. The beginning to this book felt way too slow for my taste with my lack of knowledge for what fantasy world this is based in. When Celaena was finally in the castle and competing… practically none of the book was about the challenges themselves. I would say 20 pages were the competition events. The rest of the time there would just be a sentence saying something along the lines of “two eliminations have passed.” Well Okay

Even though I didn’t get as much information on the competition as I would of liked I realized that wasn’t where the real plot was going. I do really like the world Maas created around Fae (but the second book adds way more detail). Basically, this book could really be described as a gigantic exposition.  This book hooked me just enough to read the second because…well.. it was a good exposition.


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